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About Faye's Cake Pops

Faye's Cake Pops actually started to make my husband happy!

I had officially "retired" from my big girl job after our 4th child arrived in 2011. And to keep myself busy, I started playing with the new cake pop trend. The first month or so was pretty disastrous, but the kids loved eating them no matter what they tasted like! I have never remained still for long, and I found that baking was very calming to me and creating new designs each week inspired me. This in and of itself, surprised everyone, because when I met my husband I was working 80 hour weeks with the Nashville Predators, and not only did I not bake, I didn't cook dinner or even grocery shop! But low and behold, I started to love baking, and although the cake pops were not beautiful, they were delicious. I started making them each weekend to take out on our boat for friends and family to enjoy.

I started to get the random email or FB message each Monday or Tuesday with friends wanting cake pops for that weekend. I was so proud that I just kept making them. Then one day, my husband informed me that we would go broke if I kept making cake pops for free. And Faye's Cake Pops (Faye is my middle name, and used by the people closest to me) was born! I created a FB page and an Etsy account, for no other reason than to have a set price out there. That way if a friend wanted cake pops, they wouldn't be offended when I told them how much it would be.

I have been amazed at how much Faye's Cake Pops has grown organically. It is rare for me not to have an order in the works, yet I have never advertised. Every order has come from word of mouth and repeat clients. That's how I know that I make a great cake pop!

Just recently, I realized that I was making so many cake pops each week, that I either had to start saying no, or grow. After many, long heart to hearts with my husband and a whole lot of prayers, I have decided to take Faye's Cake Pop to the next level. I no longer make the pops at home, because honestly, there was no space left for the family!

I love every second of making Faye's Cake Pops and I know you will enjoy every second of devouring them!

Thank you for letting me share my passion with you!